KARCHER high pressure washer High-Pressure Cleaners Hot/Cold water high pressure cleaner


      Karcher was founded in 1935 by Alfred Karcher in Winenden, Germany. Started to produce Hot water High pressure washer for industrial uses. After that Karcher expanded the product range to respond user’s needs for every application including household and industrial uses.

      Karcher has registered over 1000 patents which also completely cover all cleaning products. Karcher product features German engineering technology. More than 500 engineers work on further improvement, design, development and test with their quest for even higher performance, longer service lives and better environment protection. All Karcher products have been produced under delicate and high quality process including strict safety standard test. As the result, Karcher have received safety standard certification from world leading organization. You can be assured of high quality, durability and safety of Karcher products.

      All over the world, Karcher has been accepted as cleaning equipment expertise for power, quality and innovation that has been setting the standard for 76 years. KTW Group was officially authorized as Karcher distributor in Thailand in 1998. We select various product for many application such as restaurant, supermarket, department store, office, theatre, hotel, warehouse, construction site and other industries. We have expertise sales team who can help you for technical support .We also have on-site service and spare parts for after sales services by expert technicians who qualified training. You can rely on Karcher distributed by KTW Group. The quality and service satisfy your need.

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